J-Class Ranger – Refit

  • Interior & Exterior Design:  deVosdeVries design
  • Yard:  Vitters Shipyards
  • Length:  41.65 m

When Ranger came under new ownership, deVosdeVries design was asked to look into modifying several areas of the boat in order to better suit the clients requirements.

One of the requirments was to allow for more daylight into the deckhouse and create a daybed functionality. Without diminishing the interior and exterior woodwork finishes, we were able to add windows in the back of the deckhouse and portholes on the front, allowing for views forward and improved communication with the cockpit area.

In the cockpit itself the seating around the table needed to be maximized. To allow for that the original angled back was removed, resulting in a complete new and clean instrument layout on the back of the cockpit. A navigation screen is mounted on a tilting base and can be covered when not in use. The dorade feature was kept but the bases are made removable for racing purposes.

With the amount of instruments reduced, we also minimized the binnacle layout and designed a new compass stand and a single control binnacle with integrated throttle.

The work was carried out by Vitters Shipyard.